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8 september 2017
Academy Building, Utrecht University

CCHR Symposium ‘Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead’

We will open the academic year by means of an international CCHR conference entitled ‘Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead’. This international event is comprised of renowned keynote speakers in the field of Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights (Prof. Jacqueline Bhabha, Harvard and Prof. Nicholas Mirzoeff, NYU) and paper presentations of CCHR funded research by CCHR fellows and consortia. Hereby a selection of our CCHR-affiliated researchers will present their ERC or National Research Council funded research projects among them Spinoza Laureate Prof. Birgit Meyer, Vici Laureate Prof. Barbara Oomen, ERC laureates Dr. Dirk van Miert and Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi. The conference takes stock of the past three CCHR years and looks ahead into the future of these research themes at the crossroads of culture, citizenship and human rights. Please see the program below.

Keynote Speakers

  • Jacqueline Bhabha is Professor of the practice of health and human rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, director of research at Harvard’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, and the Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Lecturer at Harvard Law School. The talk will be relating to CCHR’s research strand of Contesting Citizenship ‘Looking back, looking forward: Citizenship, Contestation and A New Compact for Child and Youth Mobility’.
  • Nicholas Mirzoeff is Professor of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University. He’ll be addressing CCHR’s research line Mediating Citizenship ‘Decolonize the Space of Appearance #BlackLivesMatter’.

For the full programme and more information, click here.