Vrouwennetwerk Universiteit Utrecht


Pandora is the free UU magazine originally made by the Utrecht University Women’s Network from 1986 till 2021.

Through the years it has developed into a stage for gender matters, diversity and inclusion within Utrecht University, and intends to make the wide range of diversity visible. Since women are still not equally represented in the academic world,  Pandora always emphasized the importance of gender diversity  within the academic and administrative context and pays attention to awareness concerning stereotyping and the effects and also visibility of diverse talent.

In our magazine you find mostly articles in Dutch at the moment, and some are in English.  We work with voluntary authors.

You’ll find interviews with inspiring professors, columns written by scientists and board members, articles on diversity and inclusion and background information.

Pandora was made for everyone who is either professionally or privately occupied with or interested in gender matters, diversity and inclusion.

The magazine won’t be published anymore . The most recent Pandora has been (digitally) sent out on 1o February 2021. Earlier editions (in PDF format available from 2004) can be found in our archive.

If you are interested in reading about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion concerning Utrecht University, you could visit the EDI website and  read the annual EDI magazine