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26 januari 2017
09:30 - 11:30
International Campus (exact location to be announced)

Workshop Mindbugs (in English)

In the Mindbugs workshop we shall examine how our brains work and why everyone has unconscious judgements and prejudices and acts on them. Participants will experience this through engaging examples and a test. This Mindbug test (an Implicit Association test) reveals how your brain works and provides insight into your own unconscious judgements and prejudices and those of the organisation.

The workshop is organised by Esther Mollema of Direction, an organisation that provides support with issues of diversity, for example. In a refreshing and interactive manner she explores this theme, and you learn what your own attitude to it is.

In the coming time, the faculty Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance and the three departments want to pay attention to the meaning of diversity for our organisation, our research and education in various ways. This workshop is the start of more activities based on this theme. The workshop will be held twice, once in English and once in Dutch (on 9 February). You are warmly invited to participate in this workshop.

Contactpersoon: Jantien Haveman, J.C.Haveman@uu.nl