Vrouwennetwerk Universiteit Utrecht


8 maart 2019
16:00 - 18:00
Academiegebouw, Kanunnikenzaal, Domplein 29

Internationale Vrouwendag

A special celebration of International Women’s Day in Utrecht on Friday 8 March at the University Hall.

Professor Berteke Waaldijk will historically contextualize this eventful day, for it is a day that is celebrated as well as disputed. According to Waaldijk, the strong and continuing disagreements about its history are proof of vibrant feminism and illustrate the need for future researchers who take an interest in what divides and what unites women.

Following her lecture, alumna and professor Anneke Smelik will chair the ROSANNA Fund for Women Grant Ceremony. The ROSANNA Fund for Women was founded by Anneke Smelik and professor Rosi Braidotti as they wish to make higher education more accessible to women.

Read more about the programme and the ROSANNA Fund for Women on our website

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