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Lunchmeeting, June 25th

On Thursday June 25th, a lunch meeting was held by the Women’s Network of the University of Utrecht. Purpose of this meeting was to discuss the various ways in which the faculty of Science is addressing the issue of diversity, as also portrayed in the latest Pandora (magazine of the Women’s Network).

Dr. Aletta Kraneveld, chairwoman of the faculty’s diversity committee and soon to be professor, explained about the various programs and instruments aimed to improve diversity on the faculty of Science. Some of those instruments are being developed (and in the process of finalizing) right now, while others have already started, like the Johanna Westerdijk fellowship. The attendees also tentatively explored additional ways in which women in Science could be supported and strengthened and manners in which the issue of diversity, in its broader sense, could be deepened. The meeting was attended by 16 women, both WP and OBP of particularly staff members of the faculty of Science (the invitation was open to everyone at the UU). A follow up will be organized shortly.

More information about the aforementioned programs and instruments can be found in the june issue of Pandora. If you’d like to receive a free copy, or if you’d like more information on the held meeting and/or the Women’s Network activities to come, please contact Anne-Marie van Gijtenbeek, coordinator of the Women’s Network, via a.m.vangijtenbeek@uu.nl.

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